Journalist Hits PayPal CEO With HARD Questions After STUPID Move

Journalist Hits PayPal CEO With HARD Questions After STUPID Move

Daily Signal editor Katrina Trinko has some serious questions for PayPal’s CEO after the company decided to pull out of NC in light of their new transgender bathroom law.


From IJReview:

There’s been a major backlash to a new law passed by North Carolina lawmakers which mandates that people use public restrooms which correspond to their biological gender instead of the gender they identify with.

After condemnation by much of the LGBT community, the online payment company PayPal decided to cancel a planned expansion in the Tarheel State.

But Katrina Trinko, the editor of The Daily Signal, questioned PayPal’s decision in an open letter to company CEO Dan Schulman this week.

Does PayPal’s interpretation of “equal rights under the law” involve permitting biological males to use women’s public restrooms?

Trinko noted that the NC law does not cover private restrooms in businesses, like those that would be available to PayPal employees and which could be demarcated according to the property owner’s wishes.

What about sexual assault survivors like Janine Simon from Washington state, who have concerns about people being able to choose their restroom based on their identified gender?

Simon told The Daily Signal:

“I’ve had my first panic attack in 10 years now knowing in my state there are only certain bathrooms that I will be able to enter safely.”

It’s especially ironic given the emphasis placed on the rights of college women who are victims of rape — even in cases where there is little or no evidence that such an incident took place.

Two questions centered around statements by another survivor of sexual assault, Kaley Triller.

She noted that 1 in 4 girls on average will be sexually assaulted during childhood. Triller conceded that transgender individuals aren’t predators, but that she is concerned about deviants pretending to be transgender in order to get close to their victims.

Do you agree with PayPal’s actions?

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