The Journey to Joni – A Week in Iowa That Changed My Life

The Journey to Joni – A Week in Iowa That Changed My Life

Welcome to Iowa.

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Iowa to work on the Joni Ernst race.

What a ride.

I was so thrilled to be able to have both the time and ability to go. I had no idea what to expect, and when I got there, I was thrown in the deep end. I went with a group called Person to Person, working with another group called Vote2ReduceDebt.


We also shared a parking lot with Americans For Prosperity – Iowa:

Luckily, I have been on my fair share of campaigns. I know all about phone banking, doorbelling, and sign pounding.


I made a few calls before lunch every day:


Knocked on a few doors:


We had the awesome experience of helping coordinate a rally, with Ayla Brown (yes, from American Idol, and yes, Scott Brown’s daughter) and Governor Rick Perry. Our rally apparently had the largest turnout of all the rallies, and I am sure in no small part to the 1000’s of calls made by myself and other volunteers. Gov. Perry was awesome to hang out with and so personable. I truly hopes he makes a Presidential Run in 2016.


We made 1000’s of calls for Joni, as well. I never knew what a cool candidate she was until I knew more about her. It was like cramming for a final exam to get in all the info, watch all the good ads and all the negative ads, memorizing the script, etc. Joni Ernst is the First Female Senator in the state of Iowa, and the FIRST EVER Combat Female Veteran Elected to the Senate. It renews my hope for young women, and all women, that yes, the Republican Party is YOUR party. We are for you, not against you. Strong, powerful women like Joni are real role models for all women to look to. It gives me hope that someday my daughter will feel she has mentors that she can follow the footsteps of, no matter where life takes her.


I am proud to say that I worked so hard for her, and that she won. It was a rewarding experience that I recommend to anyone. Show the world, like Joni, that you can make them squeal. Show them the power of being involved. You do make a difference, and your vote does count.


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