Judge Gives BAD News to Hillary Clinton… IT’S HAPPENING

Judge Gives BAD News to Hillary Clinton… IT’S HAPPENING

Isn’t it funny how things seem to play out sometimes…as if KARMA was calling all the shots? Well this is indeed one of those times. The Clintons tried to burn Donald Trump by revealing certain documents that would put Trump University under fire, except it didn’t. It actually BACKFIRED!


From Young Conservatives:

From BizPac Review:

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When a federal judge ruled against Donald Trump this week in a lawsuit against Trump University, he inadvertently unleashed a bombshell involving Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

U.S. District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel unsealed documents relating to the Trump U for-profit real estate program. The documents include information used by the school to convince prospective students to join the program.

And a bombshell report from American Spectator seems to lend credence to that claim.

From American Spectator:

It seems that Robbins Geller “paid the Clintons nearly half a million dollars in less than a year.” Why? Speeches of course.

That’s right. One of the law firms picked by the Judge in the Trump University case — the very Judge Donald Trump accuses by name of anti-Trump bias — awarded this firm the case after — say again after — Hillary and Bill Clinton had been paid a cool $450,000 for two speeches by the firm.

What will come of this that’s worth anything? Probably nothing. The Clintons have some type of barrier that keeps getting them out of the CRAP they keep sitting in, for all reasons rotten. BUT…I assure you, it is only adding to the consequences that KARMA will one day be returning to them to collect on… Until then, I’ll be patient.

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