Judge Jeanine Takes a HUGE Stand for Trump During Viral Rant [WATCH]

Judge Jeanine Takes a HUGE Stand for Trump During Viral Rant [WATCH]

When Judge Jeanine Pirro has something to say in response to someone, you know that someone is going to get the 3rd degree. In this case, it is the Trump hating media and protesters…


The judge goes off on the violent mob that shut down the Trump Chicago rally. Thousands of Trump supporters stood in line for hours to see the GOP frontrunner.

The violent leftist mob got the rally shut down. Thank you Judge Jeanine went off this weekend.

Via FOX News Insider:

“Since when if you verbally lean right are you responsible for the left’s physical reaction?”

Judge Jeanine Pirro weighed the question in her opening statement Saturday night on Justice, in light of the recent violence seen at Donald Trump rallies.

“Since when if you state an opinion are you responsible for someone’s reaction?” she asked. “Since when do you have the right to interrupt my First Amendment right to listen to a candidate for the highest office in the land?”

“This is America. Not the Soviet Union,” said Judge Jeanine.

“Your free speech, if it differs from mine, doesn’t mean that you’re right and I’m wrong, and therefore I must be silenced.

Judge Jeanine knows how to bring it home. PREACH!

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