Jury finds female professor GUILTY of raping mute, cerebral palsy-stricken, diaper-wearing man

Jury finds female professor GUILTY of raping mute, cerebral palsy-stricken, diaper-wearing man

stblfldIn one of the strangest criminal acts ever, a 45-year old married Rutgers professor has been found guilty of preying on and raping a helpless man. She met the man when his brother approached her and asked her for help teaching his mute, diaper-wearing, cerebral palsy-stricken brother DJ “facilitated communication.”

The Daily Mail reports,

During closing arguments Thursday, Patton told the jury that while the case against his client was ‘weird,’ there was nothing odd about her relationship with the victim, which he characterized as ‘consensual’ and ‘mutually loving.’

Stubblefield was put on trial after being accused of raping the mute, diaper-wearing man in her office in Newark, New Jersey in 2011.

She testified in her own defense last week that she and the man, known to the court only as DJ, were in a consensual relationship and ‘in love’.

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DJ, who is unable to speak, needs help eating and walking and is forced to wear diapers, is intellectually disable, according to his mother and brother who act as his legal guardians.

Stubblefield’s lawyer told the jury: ‘As I told you on the first day of this trial, it was not a rape or sexual assault.’

He said DJ would be a ‘perfect victim’ for rape and if Dr Stubblefield ‘had been interested in rape she could have taken advantage’.

The defense suggested that DJ’s hospitalizations, for biting his hand and a separate time for banging his head, were because he was frustrated at being separated from Stubblefield after his family learned of the sexual relationship.

The defense said the married professor had worked diligently to communicate with DJ by ‘facilitated communication’ and had taught his family how to use the method.

Stubblefield faces up to 40 years in prison. Regardless of whether DJ consented or not, there are two problems with what Stubblefield did: 1) she was a married woman at the time, and 2) her family and many experts believe he was not capable of consenting. Even if she had been single and genuinely attracted to him, having sex on the floor is not an appropriate way to have a relationship with someone in that condition, whatever happened to a romantic date without sex, seeing where things go, meeting the family, etc.? Eliminating the importance of marriage and sex within marriage no doubt contributed to this sad situation; if she had respected the institution of marriage and keeping sex within marriage, she would never have gotten into this situation.

Below is Stubblefield giving a lecture on this very topic.

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