It’s Just Days Before First Debate – And Hillary Gets More Bad News…

It’s Just Days Before First Debate – And Hillary Gets More Bad News…

If you’re like me, you are eagerly awaiting the Donald Trump – Hillary Clinton debate.

Don’t get me wrong – as a policy nerd, I am disheartened to see that America has embraced two candidates who rely hardly at all on policy discussions.


Trump advances himself through no-nonsense rhetoric aimed at Americans who are very understandably frustrated with the current culture of political correctness and weakness that permeates every branch of government.

Hillary advances herself through lies, extortion and skillfully-crafted propaganda designed to hold out just long enough to dupe the American people into giving the unindicted felon a job promotion.

Still, the debate should be entertaining as Hillary has a habit of melting-down when on-the-spot and Trump thrives off of pushing back against unfair assertions and unwarranted attacks.

To emphasize how this debate is likely to be different, consider how Trump would have handled Candy Crowley’s shameful advocacy she pushed in 2012’s debate.

As if going against Trump isn’t scary enough, Hillary is riding into the debate on a wave of ever-dropping polls. Most polls have had Hillary up considerably over Trump since the conclusion of the primaries.

Then again, these polls have largely been rigged via selection bias and targeted samplings of respondents.

The Real Clear Politics average (which averages the results of dozens of polls) has Hillary up by a measly 2.1%. When we account for the “bias factor,” we can see that at best, Hillary is dead even with Trump.

The projections emerging from the polls indicate that given the downward trend Hillary is suffering, Trump is only a single state away from victory in November.

That means a lot can change.

The data is having an effect on even the most optimistic analysts. FiveThirtyEight has placed Hillary’s chance of winning declining from 70.6 percent on September 11th, to 56.8 percent on September 20th.

While polls are becoming more and more meaningless (look at Karl Rove and his little whiteboard), the empirical reality is that Americans are souring on Hillary the more they learn about her whereas people decided on Trump ages ago.

Many mistakenly believe that this is a two-person race. It’s not. It’s a race between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and “none of the above.”

Those who support Trump have supported him for quite some time. They’re dedicated and view him as an agent of change.

Those who vehemently support far-left policies are still embittered by the railroading of Bernie Sanders and these vote do not necessarily translate to votes for Hillary.

In a direct, forced match-up between Hillary and Trump, it may be extremely tight. However, how many Democrats are just going to stay home rather than risk the embarrassment of having voted for Hillary?

An even better question: if Hillary cannot stand up to Trump in a debate, will that finally demonstrate to liberals the validity of what Trump has been saying all along? That she is too weak to stand for America at a time when our prestige is slipping on the international stage?

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