Kellogg Foundation Donated Nearly 1 Million Dollars To BlackLivesMatter

Kellogg Foundation Donated Nearly 1 Million Dollars To BlackLivesMatter

The Kellogg Company, made famous for a host of delicious cereals that are a staple in the average American’s home, have recently pulled their ads from the Breitbart News Network’s website. They claim that the Breitbart readership does not reflect “the values of the company.”

The response to learning that nearly 45 million readers are being insulted by the company?

#DumpKellogg, which is trending on Facebook as I write this article.


If you don’t think the ad withdrawal was reason enough to boycott a company you may have been buying from for years, consider that The W. K. Kellogg Foundation has given nearly $1M to Black Lives Matter, funding the protests (read: riots). They listed the affiliation proudly on their website, where they say their goal is to increase the influence and ability of #BlackLivesMatter.

In June of 2015, they also provided $30,000 to “The Praxis Project Inc.” which went to fund “the inaugural BlackLivesMatter Chapter Retreat.”

In response to the news that Kellogg’s is willing to dump tens of millions of Americans simply because they don’t fall in line with a specific ideology, Breitbart created the #DumpKellogg petition.

This petition has been signed by nearly 200,000 Americans and will certainly be gaining traction over the coming days.

I’m not going to tell you whether or not you should sign this petition, or whether you should stop eating Kellogg’s products, but I will say this: we are living in a time where having an opinion that differs from that of a specific group will get you harassed and bullied. We need to stand up to this kind of intolerance and bigotry, and be firm in our beliefs. Now is as good a time to start as any.

I mean, are we going to allow ourselves to be lectured by people who are giving money to a group that has called for the death of white people and cops? I think not.

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