Kenny Rogers Makes MAJOR Announcement About Trump

Kenny Rogers Makes MAJOR Announcement About Trump

In an interview with The Guardian, Kenny Rogers talked about his impending retirement, beard tips and more, then the interviewer flipped the switch and Kenny got hit with an interesting change of topic….here’s a hint. It starts with Donald, ends with Trump!


The topic of Donald Trump came up, but the answer Rogers gave may not have been what people might have expected:

“I really like him. I think his problem is that he says what everyone wants to hear, but he doesn’t say it well. I love what he says, I have to admit.

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He can be president and not owe anybody anything; he’s one of the few people has the money to do it, and has the guts to do it. You’re biting off a lot by doing that. He believes everything he says: whether he’s right or not, he says what everybody fears.”

But his support of Trump is not going over well with his kids:

“My older sons laugh at me when I tell them that. They are Democrats that live in California – there’s no hope for them. They’ll vote for Hillary no matter what she does. She’s a friend of mine, I’m not trashing her.”

After having sold 120 million albums, Rogers will not be resting on his laurels during retirement. He also plans on building a Kennyland or Kenny World amusement park on an island 40 miles north of Atlanta.

Do you agree with Kenny?

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