Kentucky Gov.- Elect Matt Bevin To EPA on Major Issue: ‘Pound Sand’

Kentucky Gov.- Elect Matt Bevin To EPA on Major Issue: ‘Pound Sand’

In what can only be described as a breath of fresh Kentucky air, Governor-Elect Matt Bevin has stated unequivocally that he will not be bullied by the EPA into destroying his own state’s jobs and industry. The EPA, as any cursory reading of the daily news shows, has easily earned its bullying reputation with numerous offenses against the American people. In Kentucky, that’s about to stop. Read on for a glimpse into what it looks like when the GOP has a spine.

Kentucky Gov.-elect Matt Bevin said in an appearance on The Glenn Beck Radio Program Friday that he will push back against the Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts to regulate the coal industry, telling the EPA to “pound sand.”

In August, President Barack Obama unveiled his coal policy in partnership with the EPA, granting the agency authority over what is traditionally a state responsibility.

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According to Sam Batkins, director of regulatory policy at American Action Forum, the policy will cost $2.5 trillion and 125,800 jobs, along with shuttering 66 power plants.

Bevin, a Tea Party favorite who became only the second Republican in four decades to win Kentucky’s governorship Tuesday, vowed to stand against the EPA when it comes to protecting his state’s large coal industry.

“Why it is that we in Kentucky — that sit on two extraordinary basins, the Illinois basin and the Central basin, an abundance of this — how are we not participating in something that the world wants more of than they ever have?” Bevin asked. “And so, from my way of thinking, we will tell the EPA and other unelected officials who have no legal authority over us as a state, to pound sand.”

Bevin, a self-described “staunch conservative,” told Beck he believes the 10th Amendment is “one of the most powerful tools” and that power not expressly given to the federal government is the responsibility of the states.

The incoming Kentucky governor said the EPA has “no authority” and that its only recourse would be to “take us to court.” Bevin said that, in the past, the agency has “bribed us with our own money,” but he insisted that will not happen anymore under his leadership.

Every Republican Governor can take a page from the Bevin playbook and tell the EPA “No!” The people of Kentucky’s coal industry can rest in the knowledge that their governor has their backs and intends to keep the Federal bullies out. This is what the GOP faithful have been waiting for; a man with the guts to stand up to the overreaching Feds. Congratulations to Mr. Bevin, we look forward to seeing you govern!


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