Kim Davis only following Barack Obama’s example

Kim Davis only following Barack Obama’s example

kim davisPresident Obama chose not to enforce the Defense of Marriage Act when that was the law of the land. He also chooses not to enforce Federal laws that prohibit the use and sale of marijuana thus allowing Colorado and Washington to break Federal Law. And as we speak President Obama chooses not to enforce countless immigration laws, he doesn’t secure the border, and he circumvents the Constitution by signing executive orders.

So if the highest public official of the land can routinely flout the U.S. Constitution he took an oath to uphold, then surely a county clerk from Kentucky can follow his example.

What’s good enough for the Goose is good enough for the Gander.

By the way, the White House had the nerve to release a statement saying no public official is above the law. Somebody forgot to tell Barack.

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Samuel Gonzalez

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