Last Week It Was Kathy Griffin, NOW Alec Baldwin Is Facing Serious Backlash

Last Week It Was Kathy Griffin, NOW Alec Baldwin Is Facing Serious Backlash

Last week Kathy Griffin decided to make a joke about beheading President Trump. She and the left were shocked that the majority of Americans didn’t laugh. After the big backfire even the Trump’s said that Kathy “deserves everything that’s coming to her” her professional photo shoot utilizing an effigy of President Trump’s decapitated, bloody head. Later, Kathy cried and claimed she was the victim of bullying by the Trump family. Kathy was fired from CNN and a host of other gigs because of her own actions.

So in regular Liberal style, fellow idiot, Alec Baldwin took to Twitter to publicly defend comedienne Kathy Griffin. He said that he didn’t believe that Kathy intended to threaten President Donald Trump… even though she did. Baldwin then called the president a “senile idiot” during a Twitter rant in which he came to the defense of Kathy who had seemingly lost her entire career in one week.

Baldwin, who often impersonates Trump on “Saturday Night Live” skits, didn’t mince his words. He sent 5 specific tweets for Kathy to remember, even writing about a time when he made a joke asking for a Republican member of Congress to be stoned to death on Conan O’Brien’s show in 1998.

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Baldwin wrote:
Dear Kathy Griffin,
Kathy…baby…I’ve been there. The whole Henry Hyde thing w/Conan, where we bring out an oxygen mask at the end. a joke. That’s what I thought. That’s what we intended. No one walked out of the studio and said, “No! We’re serious!”
No one. but all your gutless, weasels in the GOP insisted that I actually threatened Hyde. They played the victim beautifully. Kathy…f**k them. F**k them all. No 1 believes u meant 2 threaten Trump. Trump is such a senile idiot, all he has is Twitter fights. ignore him. Like the leaders of all the other countries in the world. Ignore him.

Baldwin on in a list of whiny celebrities who have jumped in to speak up for Griffin. Other worthless celebrities who defended the comedienne include Rosie O’Donnell, Jamie Foxx and Larry King. Whoopdeedoo. Larry King was mostly bothered by CNN firing saying, “She’s my friend, she apologized, let it go. I wouldn’t have fired her, Ted Turner wouldn’t have fired her. They’re jumping all over her now… I would have kept her. It was a terrible mistake, no one feels sorrier than her, she apologized. CNN shouldn’t have let her go.”

I’ll translate what Larry King actually meant: How dare CNN firing Kathy Griffin for doing a mock beheading of the President of the United States. It wasn’t a big deal because he’s Republican anyway. I wouldn’t have fired her… that lady needs a promotion. Her antics last week were hilarious and American needs more of that especially since she apologized.

On June 3rd Griffin shed tears at a press conference on June 3, but then the next day whined that she had hurt her own career and that her victims of her stunt were bullying her.

Then Trump took to Twitter to respond to the photos of Griffin holding his fake, bloodied, severed head.

“Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself,” the president tweeted. “My children, especially my 11 year old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. Sick!”

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