LATEST GALLUP POLL: Democrats Who Say Obamacare Hurt Them MORE THAN DOUBLES!

Well, Mr. President. Looks like even your loyal sheeple are disappointed in your great “Obamacare” scam, and the polls are reflecting it.
Breitbart reports that a record number of Democrats are report a HUGE disappointment level in Obamacare, or the ‘Affordable Healthcare Act’. The latest poll indicates that in may, only 6% said that Obamacare hurt them – now, its a whopping 21%.

Background here from Breitbart:


A Gallup poll released Wednesday finds that the number of Democrats who say Obamacare has hurt them more than doubled in the last five months.

In May, just 6% of Democrats said Obamacare hurt them. Now, 15% of Democrats polled said Obamacare hurt them.

Equally troubling for Democrats, the poll found that only 27% of Democrats say Obamacare has helped them, a slight 4% increase since May. Overall, more than one in five Democrats (21%) said in the long run Obamacare will “make things worse.”

Nationally, Americans remain sour on Obamacare. When Gallup asked, “In the long run, how do you think the healthcare law will affect the healthcare situation in the U.S.?” 46% of Americans said Obamacare would “make things worse” versus 36% who said it would “make things better.”

Gallup concluded: “Americans’ views toward the law overall and its effect on the U.S. healthcare situation in the long run continue to be more negative than positive.”

This number can only be expected to go up. The healthcare system as it currently is simply is a nightmare. men are carrying maternity coverage, premiums are at an all time high, and many Americans lost their regular doctors. This is an issue of poor leadership and decision making. May God save America.


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