Lawyer Eating at Chick-fil-A Dropped Hundreds of Dollars on the Floor. Watch What Happened When an Employee Found the Cash

Lawyer Eating at Chick-fil-A Dropped Hundreds of Dollars on the Floor. Watch What Happened When an Employee Found the Cash

Chick-fil-A is a restaurant filled with normal people. However, because the company’s owner holds certain moral beliefs, the restaurant has become “an issue” when, in reality, it really shouldn’t be. What kind of people work at Chick-fil-A? According to a report from the Blaze, at least one very honest person:


A civil rights lawyer in Decatur, Georgia, made a huge mistake when he dropped hundreds of dollars on the floor at a Chick-fil-A while eating breakfast, but a restaurant employee saved him from losing the cash, WXIA-TV reported.

Attorney Victor Long had $1,200 in cash on him — money bound for the bank — on April 1 when he ate breakfast at the restaurant, he told WXIA.

As security footage showed, Long dropped a wad of cash as he appeared to be eating and talking on the phone at the same time.

After Long left, the money sat on the floor for nearly 15 minutes before employee Jacob King spotted it.

“I picked it up, and I was a little worried that somebody was missing that much money,” King recalled.

For his part, Long realized he’d lost the money when he got to the bank. He told WXIA he never expected to find it again.

“I didn’t even think about backtracking, because I figured anybody who found the money, the way people need things now, it probably never was going to come back,” he said. ”I hoped that whoever got the money would need it. And I was satisfied with that. And I thought that if someone who found it needed it, it would be a blessing to me.”

But King and the restaurant’s operator, John Crays, worked tirelessly to track down the money’s rightful owner.

Long saw the video when it aired on the local news Thursday evening, and by Friday, he was reunited with his missing cash.

“That shows the goodness in him as well as the goodness in this establishment,” Long said, “that they have here good people. Good, honest people who are willing to work and to serve. And I can’t imagine what Chick-fil-A had to go through to find me, and they made a tremendous effort to find me and to make sure I got the money back.”

For his part, King said there wasn’t a question about what to do with the money.

“You only really have two ways to go about things,” King said, “there’s the right way and there’s every other way. And that’s pretty much all there is to it.”

People are people; some are good, some are bad, but in this sensationalized news cycle, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that there still are many good, honest people out there in the world. That realization can sure brighten a day.

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