At Least 3 Dead After Muslim Mob Burns Shops and Vehicles

At Least 3 Dead After Muslim Mob Burns Shops and Vehicles

If there’s one thing I’ll never understand as long as I live, it’s how a religion can make you hate your fellow man so much that you would burn buildings and plant bombs in cars and schools and hospitals with the sole intent of killing everyone you can.

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From Pamela Gellar:

Everywhere Muslims in sufficient numbers and non-Muslims live together, the Muslims do not leave the non-Muslims in peace. That means that this riot and the attack on the Hindu procession was a glimpse into the future of the West.

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“Ram Navami violence spreads in Jharkhand, curfew in Hazaribagh,” by Prashant Pandey, Indian Express, April 18, 2016:

Hazaribagh became the second district after Bokaro in Jharkhand to see curfew on Sunday as violence in the state over Ram Navami processions spread further.

Curfew was imposed in the municipal area and surrounding police station areas of Hazaribagh district after over a dozen shops and more than half-a-dozen vehicles were set afire. While three deaths in all were reported on Sunday, district administration claimed two of the persons had died before the violence began and could have been killed due to personal enmity.

Officials are still trying to determine the cause of the third death.

A company of the Rapid Action Force has been deployed in the district to maintain calm. The administration has appealed to people to help restore normalcy.

The curfew in four police station areas of Bokaro, which saw violence between two communities on April 15, was lifted on Sunday evening at 8 pm.

On Saturday night, members of the two communities also clashed in Jugasalai police station area of Jamshedpur district. Members of a community objected to the route taken by a Ram Navami procession, leading to scuffles. The situation in the town remains tense, but under control.

Earlier, violence was reported between the two communities in Chatra, Dhanbad and Giridih, though police were able to quickly bring the situation under control there.

Hazaribagh had seen violence on Friday too, leading to one death in Pandu village under Keredari police station area, about 50 km from the town. Nearly a dozen houses were set on fire in arson that day.

Pray for these poor people.

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