Leftist blogasphere got their panties in a bunch because Rudy Giuliani hit Bull’s-eye on Obasma’s hatred for America

Saul Alinsky-Wanted the overthrow the American government through militancy aka community organizaing

Frank Marshall Davis-Devout Communist

Jeremiah Wright-Advocate of Biblical heresy, Liberation theology which derives from Communist ideology

Bill Ayers-Domestic terrorist involved bombing within the United States

These are four men that were very influential in Barack Obama’s life and all of them are heavily documented to be Anti-American.

Scripture teaches (Matt 7:16) “You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?” These four men, and there are others, are Barack Obama’s fruit. They are him and he is they. There’s no way around this! These are the men he chose to associate with, learn from and emulate and it explains why Obama  hates his own country.

Remember when Obama declared America was no longer a Christian nation?

Leftist blogs squealing like stuck pigs

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The Moderate Voice:   Birther Alert: Rudy Giuliani Says Obama Doesn’t Love America

Hinterland Gazette:   Failed Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani Doesn’t Believe Obama …

Hullabaloo:   Little Tyrant  —  This man has become a parody of a right winger:

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