Lesbian sues after sperm donor mix-up: She wanted ‘blonde, blue-eyed’ baby & got bi-racial child

Lesbian sues after sperm donor mix-up: She wanted ‘blonde, blue-eyed’ baby & got bi-racial child

sperm donorA judge has thrown out a lesbian’s lawsuit against a sperm donor bank for mistakenly sending her a black man’s sperm. Jennifer Cramblett had filed a complaint alleging wrongful birth and breach of warranty. However, the judge said she could refile the complaint alleging negligence instead.

The Daily Mail reports,

Last year, Cramblett described how she and her partner would have to move out of their small, all-white hometown of Uniontown, Ohio, so their daughter, Peyton, will be accepted.

The lawsuit said the clinic later sent Cramblett an apology note and a refund for the six vials – though they charged her for the vials of the correct semen she received.

Cramblett has ‘limited cultural competency relative to African-Americans’ and worries that her daughter Peyton will not be accepted in her hometown of Uniontown.

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‘Jennifer lives each day with fears, anxieties and uncertainty about her future and Peyton’s future,’ according to the lawsuit.

Cramblett said she and her partner love their daughter, but said they must now consider moving to a more diverse community.

Cramblett said in her lawsuit that much of her family is racist and that one uncle openly makes racist comments.

Cramblett said she grew up in Scio, Ohio – population 762 – and didn’t meet a black person until she attended college.

She currently lives in Uniontown, population 2,802, and fears Peyton will be the only non-white child in class when the time comes for her to attend school.

Cramblett says that she can hide her sexual orientation around family members who don’t approve, but Peyton can’t hide her skin color. It is commendable that Cramblett did not give the girl up when she discovered she was black. In vitro fertilization is always fraught with risks, not to mention in some situations, fully fertilized eggs are discarded, ending human lives. What should be the outcome here, is a lawsuit against the sperm bank the appropriate resolution?

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