Letter From Hollywood

I have a theory that whenever those on the left let me know that a particular part of my National Review column is weakly argued, or wrong, or unfair, or whatever, this is a sign that I may have actually managed to make a good point. Not long ago, for instance, I noticed that an exchange between my actress friend Leah and Larry Gelbart about Hollywood’s pro-Castro bent was excerpted in various places on the Internet — even in Swedish! So naturally a liberal friend gave me a hard time about it. The exchange in question:

“Name one pro-Castro movie that’s come out of Hollywood,” Gelbart demanded.

“Comandante!” Leah snapped back, referring to Oliver Stone’s recent paean to Castro.

“OK, that’s one…” Gelbart said.

“Motorcycle Diaries!” Leah immediately added. Gelbart was beginning to look exasperated at that point, so she shut up. “But there’s also Havana,” she whispered to me, “by Robert Redford, another lyrical poem to Castro.”

I can remember a time when a working actress hoping to remain working might not have been so outspoken about her anti-leftist views, and I suppose this exchange could indicate that conservatives are not as ostracized here as they once were.

I should add that Leah might not be so outspoken if she acted under the name Leah, which is her real name but not her stage name. Horror fans may remember her as Caroline Williams, who played the late-night D.J. terrorized in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2,” which next year celebrates its 20th anniversary at the Texas Frightmare Weekend Feb. 4 and 5, 2006. Leah/Caroline will be there, along with Joe Bob Briggs and others.

These days Leah/Caroline is often cast as the crying mom on police procedurals, so if you notice a tall thin blonde with a Southern accent on these shows, crying and crying and crying about her drug addict/killer/crime victim son, she just doesn’t know where he went wrong, boo-hoo-hoo-hoo, that just might be her.

And that’s life here in in Hollywood. OK, back to my own blog…

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