Liberal activists move to get Christ’s portrait removed from courthouse; residents revolt

Liberal activists move to get Christ’s portrait removed from courthouse; residents revolt

For some time, the FRFF has been trying to get a picture of Jesus removed from the courthouse. There’s just one little problem….they can not find a lacky to do their bidding…


FRFF can’t find anyone in Breathitt County to act as their shill, I mean plaintiff.

For those of you who aren’t sue happy, that means the attorneys for the FFRF can’t find anyone in the county of Breathitt who is willing to sign on the dotted line saying they’ve been traumatized and their quality of life ruined by the portrait of Jesus that has been hanging in the courthouse.

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We’re not making this up. As WUKY reports, “Debate is stirring in Breathitt County over a courthouse portrait of Jesus. Dozens of community members rallied Tuesday after learning that church-state separation advocates are considering a legal challenge.

A spokesman for the Freedom from Religion Foundation says the organization has been quietly requesting that officials remove the image of Jesus hanging in the main entryway of the Breathitt County Courthouse for years – with no response. Now they’re seeking residents willing to act as plaintiffs, a role foundation staff attorney Andrew Seidel acknowledges can be difficult to fill.”

“There’s a lot of fear surrounding challenging this because of the community reaction,” he says. “People generally don’t take kindly to their religious privilege being challenged.”

Yes, it’s so difficult when people who believe in freedom OF religion won’t cooperate with organizations like the Freedom FROM Religion Foundation. It’s such a pain in the neck when an attorney wants to sue someone and can’t find a plaintiff. It’s even more difficult when the community doesn’t even support the lawsuit to begin and comes out to protest the removal of the portrait.

“The community response was on full display this week as demonstrators gathered at the courthouse to protest efforts to take down the portrait, which depicts a man kneeling before Jesus with the words “In your place, what would Jesus do.” Organizer Mike Bryant told WYMT-TV the image posed no problem until now.

“It’s time I believe for Christians to stand for what they believe in and the picture of Jesus is not doing anyone any harm in the courthouse,” he said.

Frank Simon with the American Family Association of Kentucky, echoed those sentiments, adding, “There are some people that want to get rid of God completely, OK? And then the more they get rid of God the worse things get.”

However apparently the Freedom From Religion Foundation isn’t really concerned with what the residents of Breathitt County want. Just the mere fact that the lawyers for FFRF are unable to find one single person who is willing to volunteer to play the plaintiff for them is what most of us would call “a clue.” The residents of Breathitt County don’t take kindly to their religious privileges being challenged.

Just goes to show you the lengths to which liberals will go to pursue their agenda. Can’t find anyone to agree with us? No problem. We’ll just FORCE it through.

Oh no they won’t. Not anymore.

Liberals…always force feeding their agenda onto the unwilling…and even more ridiculous…they just have the worst habit of focusing on the cracks in the ground..when the sky is falling. Not very bright…

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