Liberal and Conservative Elites stunned at mind-blowing turnaround in Donald Trump’s poll numbers explains why he’s blowing everyone out of the water

Liberal and Conservative Elites stunned at  mind-blowing turnaround in Donald Trump’s poll numbers explains why he’s blowing everyone out of the water

tr4umpAt a certain point the so-called Conservative intelligentsia types like George Will and David Brooks become useless to listen to because their own self-interests doesn’t allow them to go beyond the bubble thinking of Washington D.C. They rather stay in the bubble and get invited to D.C. cocktail parties with other elites than to embrace what’s happening among the regular folks in America.

Donald Trump not only represents a tipping point against seven years of Barack Obama radical Leftistism, but also more importantly a rebellion against the GOP establishment who governs against the will of the base, who refuses to fight for conservative principles, and a emphatic rejection of the GOP’s habit of putting up mushy moderates as their nominee. There isn’t a conservative pundit that would ever report this because that would banish then from the club.


AOL News reports for the past five months, real-estate tycoon Donald Trump has led all but two national polls of the Republican presidential primary.

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On Wednesday, a CNN/ORC poll found him with his largest lead yet: a 21-point advantage over US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), who has been surging lately. Trump was up three points from CNN’s last survey in November.

It’s all part of an astounding and continued rise that has turned a candidate whose staying power experts initially dismissed into a still-overwhelming front-runner.

From the CNN poll data, it’s easy to tell why. Trump has sold much of the Republican primary electorate not only on his brand, but on his ability to tackle the issues most pressing to Americans.

Perceptions of his favorability, electability, and strategy on key areas have all improved over the past six months. In many of these cases, he has seen dramatic turnarounds with the GOP electorate.

Here’s a look at the shifts:


  • In a July CNN poll, just 51% of Republicans viewed Trump favorably, compared with 40% who saw him in an unfavorable light.
  • In December, 72% of registered Republicans say they view Trump favorably. That contrasts with just 27% who view him unfavorably.


  • In August, just 38% of Republicans thought that they would have a “better chance” of winning the presidency in 2016 if Trump was the nominee. Fifty-eight percent said that the party would have a better chance with someone else.

  • In December, 46% of Republicans now see a “better chance” of winning the presidency with Trump as the nominee. That number has climbed to an almost even split with the 50% of GOP voters who think someone else would give them a better chance.


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I understand these numbers very well. And it has a lot to do with Robert Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, failure to defund ObamaCare, failure to defund Planned Parenthood, willingly giving up the power of the purse in The House, continuingly lying to the voters come election time, hatred of Ted Cruz among the GOP for trying to do what he ran on, Benghazi investigations at a snail’s pace with little result, and a overall cowardice among establishment Republicans in Washington. Trump is just a vessel at the right place at the right time.

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