Liberal #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Deface Monument In Charleston

Liberal #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Deface Monument In Charleston

I get that tensions and emotions are high right now, and understandably so.  I just don’t see how defacing monuments are going to help relieve tension, or help the debate to have the Confederate Flag removed from the state’s capitol…especially as opinion is swinging in favor of taking it down.


Protesters in South Carolina have defaced a war monument as the Confederate flag continues to fly over the state’s capitol. The banner has been condemned by millions – including President Obama and GOP leaders – as a symbol of racial hatred that disrespects the nine black churchgoers massacred in Charleston on Wednesday.

Now, many in the state and around the country are outraged that despite Roof’s admitted racial motivation the flag has not been taken down. Making many even more upset is the fact that Roof frequently posed with the Confederate flag, implying a greater allegiance to that flag than the American flag.

Watch more in the video below. The vandals also left a note for Mayor Joe Riley and Governor Nikki Haley.

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