Liberal CNN Host Says Liberals Have Become Too Intolerant

Liberal CNN Host Says Liberals Have Become Too Intolerant

Modern day liberals seldom operate in accordance with what traditionalism liberalism demands: tolerance and a “mind your own business” mentality. The left is dominated by bullies and fascists who demand adherence to their belief systems and in an odd twist, a liberal CNN commentator recently came out to highlight the intolerance of the left.


After nearly 25 years in the “news business,” CNN host Don Lemon said it’s obvious that liberals and progressives are the “least tolerant” of differing opinions. Further, political correctness in America has hit “dangerous” levels as many people don’t want to hear any opinion but their own.

In radio commentary for Black America Web, the “CNN Tonight” host implored listeners to be introspective about whether or not they might be “too politically correct.”

“Do you allow room in your space for those who disagree with you? Do you ever call co-workers or the person you hear on the radio or see on TV stupid because you disagree with them or because they don’t hold your same opinion about an issue? If so, then you might be too politically correct for your own good, for society’s good,” he said.

Lemon argued people should be able to “make mistakes in conversations without calling them racist, bigots, stupid, dumb, sell out…on and on.”

“Not everyone is going to or do they have to agree with you. In fact, it’s better when people don’t agree with you,” he added. “That’s how we learn. That’s what conversation is really about.

He was already catching some heat from some on Thursday after he specifically called out “liberals and progressives” for being the most “easily offended” and least tolerant of other people’s opinions.

“Here’s a tip,” Lemon continued, “if you only agree with people who hold your same political affiliation or who are of your particular race, gender or ethnicity, you are part of the political correctness run amuck problem.”

BINGO! These are absolutely true words and it is amazing that they come from one of the more liberal commentators on television today.

Is there hope for America if even Don Lemon can see what’s happening?

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