More Liberal Protest Violence: AntiFa Woman Stabs Police Horse With Makeshift Weapon

More Liberal Protest Violence: AntiFa Woman Stabs Police Horse With Makeshift Weapon

Woman from Philadelphia is accused of trying to stab a police horse with a makeshift weapon during an anti-Sharia-law protest Saturday. Now she’s in very big trouble…

23 -yr-old Lisa J. Simon is being charged with a whole list of things… after aggravated assault to police and taunting police animals she stupidly resisted arrest. She’s being accused of fastening a nail at the top of a flagpole to strike a state police corporal’s horse.

She was attempting to obstruct troopers from moving the crowd of protesters with the ACT For America rally by striking a horse. The protesters were marching from the Capitol steps throughout the Midtown area. Dozens of demonstrators waved flags and held signs, joining in over 20 rallies across the country for the same cause.

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Americans have become increasingly disturbed at the handful of attempts to implement Sharia Law in various cities to usurp local laws. That would mean that there would be a group laws called principles that govern the moral and religious lives of Muslims instead of the local laws established by voters and public servants.

Act of America put on the protests and they have struck a nerve with the Southern Poverty Law Center who says ACT of America is an Anti-Muslim hate group. Not rightly so, as ACToA seems to only be protecting United States law from being overshadowed by any non-government entity.

Nearby, a Unity Rally was held at the same time a couple blocks away at the Goodwin Memorial Center to oppose the Sharia rally. Unity Rally claimed that people of different faiths teamed up to send a message that “love is stronger than hate” to the protesters. Their organizers claim that there is a climate of fear in the country and people of faith should help calm the anxieties.

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