Liberals Demanded He Take Down This ‘Offensive’ Billboard… He Did THIS Instead

Liberals Demanded He Take Down This ‘Offensive’ Billboard… He Did THIS Instead

Liberals are HEATED…as per usual. BUT this time it’s over billboards..that frankly, I am glad someone had the guts to market in Obama’s America.


The Palmetto State Armory in South Carolina is one of the leading gun retailers in the area, so this holiday season they decided to bring in even more customers with some Christmas-themed billboards.

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The advertisements, while Christmas-themed, have been deemed inappropriate by members of the community for combining the spirit of Christmas with handguns, rifles and shotguns. One billboard has five “golden rings” inside a loaded revolver, while another shows a handgun with a hefty silencer. The message: “Silent Night.”

While to most these billboards seem harmless and inconsequential, some members of the community are finding them rather tasteless – including attorney Jack Swerling.

“We have a right to say what we want and they certainly have a right to put that up,” Swerling told WIS-TV. “But I also have a right to comment on it, and I did not think it was appropriate, an appropriate use of the image and the words from that song.”

Even as a concealed weapons carrier, Swerling still finds the “Silent Night” advertisement a bit off-putting.

“I just thought that was totally inappropriate,” Swerling said. “Silent Night is a beautiful song. And I’m Jewish. But I was offended for the Christian community that they would try to make that play on words and images.”

In response to the multitude of customer complaints, the company decided to issue a statement saying, ““There’s a lot of people that really enjoy the humor behind the advertisement. And there are some people in our community that don’t necessarily like it. We’ve spoken to them directly. I’ve received calls and I speak to them and you know as a member of the community one of the great things about this country is that everybody is allowed their opinion and we don’t by any means discourage that. And we just kind of explain to them that it’s not something that we’re not necessarily trying to tie Christmas and Christ to firearms.”

What do you think about their billboards? Let yourself be heard in the comment section.

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