Liberals Furious After White Man Is Cast To Play This White Super Hero

Liberals Furious After White Man Is Cast To Play This White Super Hero

Apparently, white superheros can no longer be played by white actors because that’s just racist.

Typical liberals are up in arms over the dumbest of things. This week, they’re upset that a white superhero is going to be played by a white guy.


Social media users were in an uproar Thursday after it was reported that white Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones had been cast as the titular superhero in Marvel’s upcoming Netflix seriesIron Fist — despite the fact that the character is white in the comic books.

According to the New York Daily News, the announcement of Jones’s casting caused a social media storm among Twitter users, who criticized Marvel for casting a white actor, instead of an Asian actor, to play the martial arts expert superhero.

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Of course, fans of Iron Fist, who first debuted in a Marvel comic book in May 1974, know that the hero’s alter-ego, Danny Rand, is indeed white. As the Daily News describes him, Rand is a “blond, blue-eyed orphan who is trained in the martial arts in the mystical city in the Himalayan mountains called K’un-L’un.”

In a piece about the casting decision for Vox, Alex Abad-Santos sympathetically seeks to explain why people are outraged over Jones’s casting. Abad-Santos concedes that Rand’s white identity is central to the comic book’s theme of feeling like an outsider.

Still, he writes: “I don’t buy that Danny Rand’s whiteness is as integral to his character as Storm or Luke Cage’s black skin, or [X-Men’s] Magneto surviving the Holocaust.”

“But I can understand why white people, and white dudes especially, can relate to the story of a white man feeling like an outsider. Still, I don’t believe that white people, and white dudes especially, need Rand to be a white man to be able to relate to his story of being an outsider,” Abad-Santos writes.

Seriously? Liberals will politicize anything into a race issue. It’s like the Oscars. Now, some are saying that their should be a quota for diversity, which is insane because it should be about the talent, the movie and the actors.

This is not a political issue, though liberals would love to turn it into that.

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