Liberals Now Forcing Cancellations of Civil War Reenactments

Liberals Now Forcing Cancellations of Civil War Reenactments

Though I enjoy the climate of the Northwest, I am undeniably dismayed by the lack of history here. Unlike the South, there is little American history to be found here and I have often longed to tour the Southern mansions and even partake in a Civil War reenactment. However, if liberals have their way, I may soon miss my chance.


Boone Hall Plantation has decided to cancel this year’s Living History Weekend out of sensitivity to the shooting massacre of nine worshipers at Emanuel AME in downtown Charleston.

“We decided to show honor and respect to the victims of the recent tragedy and give the community time to heal,” spokesperson Rick Benthall said. “It was a difficult decision as Boone Hall’s association with this event has been long standing, but one we made and think is best on behalf of Boone Hall and the Charleston community at this time.”

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On June 17, nine people were shot to death by a gunman who opened fire on them after a bible study at Emanuel AME.  The accused suspect faces murder charges and federal hate crime charges as well.

Shortly after the shooting images of the suspect holding a confederate battle flag appeared on the internet, along with a racially charged manifesto.

Weeks after the shooting, South Carolina lawmakers came together and voted to have the Confederate flag removed from Statehouse grounds in Columbia.

The Living History Weekend featured a re-enactment of the Battle of Secessionville, which was fought on James Island in 1862.

While we’re at it, let’s scrub the history books of any mention of World War II as that, too, was unpleasant.

We’re losing our connection with history and that is precisely what the left wants. It’s time to pushback and demand not only a restoration of our sense of history, but a stronger emphasis on history in our schools.

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