Little Boy Overjoyed, Walked Outside Boarding School To Greet Parents- Ends Up Dead Because Of It

Little Boy Overjoyed, Walked Outside Boarding School To Greet Parents- Ends Up Dead Because Of It

The religion of peace is at it again. This time one of its practitioners beat to death a 13 year old boy for sneaking out to see his parents. When a religion is founded upon a culture of death, dismemberment and destruction, no punishment is too severe. And no victim is too young. Read on to see the tragic details of this young man’s death.

A teenage boy who sneaked out of the grounds of his boarding school in India so he could meet up with this parents was so badly beaten as a punishment that he died, his family had claimed.

Police in the district of Murshidabad in West Bengal state confirmed they were investigating the claims made by the parents of 13-year-old Shamim Mullick and had arrested the school’s owner and headteacher.

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According to the boy’s mother Bibi and father Julhas, they had dropped him off at the Al Islamia Mission School in the village of Majlishur.

Three days later the parents returned to the village to visit the boy to drop off some stationary they had bought for him.

He sneaked out of the school grounds to meet up with his mother and father just 100 metres from the facility, but when he returned, he was badly beaten as a punishment for not asking for permission to leave.

Police confirmed that instead of being taken to a nearby hospital for his injuries, Shamim was instead taken to a nursing home, which is also owned by the same people who run the school.

It was only when his condition worsened he was actually taken to a hospital in the city of Murshidabad, where doctors told police he was dead on arrival.

This killer may be prosecuted, but that will not restore these heartbroken parents’ only child to them. Adherents of radical, uncontrolled, abusive, criminal Islam must be stopped worldwide. Their scourge of death touches all nations, and too many families. Who will stand up for the victims? Who will stop the murderers?

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