Little Dictators Get Their Groove On

The big buzz today will be about tin post (and prOn loving) dictator Kim Jong Il blowing off another nuke

North Korea announced on Monday that it had successfully conducted its second nuclear test, defying international warnings and drastically raising the stakes in a global effort to get the recalcitrant Communist state to give up its nuclear weapons program.

Word of the test sent a shudder through Asian financial markets and clearly caught South Korea and the United States off guard. The news hit just as South Korea’s government and people were mourning the suicide of former President Roh Moo-hyun. And hours after the test was reported, South Korean state media reported that the North had fired a short-range missile.

It caught Obama off guard? Shocker! Perhaps he should read the news now and then, rather then sites like Excitable Andy’s. He might have had a clue back in April. Jay at Stop The ACLU has a good roundup of reactions.

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Meanwhile, a favorite dictator of the the left‘s

A top diplomat defended Venezuela’s investigation into a leading anti-government television station, rebuffing the concerns of U.N. and OAS officials that President Hugo Chavez’s government is threatening free speech.

Venezuela’s ambassador to the Organization of American States, Roy Chaderton, accused the Globovision TV network of “media terrorism” on Saturday and said that foreign observers passing judgment on Venezuela are beholden “to the interests of the private media.”

Regulators are investigating Globovision for allegedly inciting “panic and anxiety” in its coverage of a minor earthquake on May 4. The station couldn’t reach the head of Venezuela’s seismological agency for comment after the quake, and criticized the government for its slow response.

Chavez is just doing in his country what the Left in America would like to do with the media, particularly Conservative talk radio. Silencing critics.

PS: Can anyone guess where the image in Kim’s glasses comes from? Larger size here.

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