LOL! Paula Jones Wants To Join Gennifer Flowers In The Front Row At The Debate

LOL! Paula Jones Wants To Join Gennifer Flowers In The Front Row At The Debate

The Hillary campaign invited billionaire businessman Mark Cuban to sit in the front row of tomorrow evening’s Presidential debate, so that he could troll Donald Trump. Which, on the face of it seems a little ridiculous. Cuban is a successful businessman just like Trump is, and yet is against the Donald for some strange reason. It’s almost as if he’s jealous or something…?

In response to the Hillary campaign’s invitation to Cuban, the Trump campaign invited one of Bill Clinton’s many former mistresses, Gennifer Flowers, to sit in the front row. That sounds a little awkward for Hillary. And now Paula Jones wants to be there! She is yet another in a long line of women groped by Bill Clinton while First Lady Hillary ran interference and shielded him from the consequences while bringing down the proverbial hammer on women who tried to report President Bill Clinton’s reprehensible behavior.

Do we really want the former First Piranha to be President? No, we do not. She is as deplorable as her husband is. See what we did there?

By any measure, no matter who is in attendance at Monday’s debate, there are sure to be fireworks. And the Trump Train will no doubt roll right over the Hillary Hot Rod. Pop the popcorn, grab a comfy chair and settle in for the best entertainment of the month!

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