Look Closely: Was Hillary’s Earring an Earpiece Last Night During Presidential Forum?

Look Closely: Was Hillary’s Earring an Earpiece Last Night During Presidential Forum?

WHOA! Was Hillary just caught wearing an earpiece!? It looks to me as if all evidence points to it… Yes. However, take a look for yourself.

What do you see?


Before you make any assumptions, there is more to show you.

We will call this next piece of evidence…


We can always count on Mr. James Woods to come through for us right? That guy doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to his conservative powers.

So what gives? Is Hillary really so incompetent that she can’t even tell her own LIES? Does she really need a village of other liars to get by when she’s going on national TV, radio or debates?

Which brings up another concern…

Is the woman debating with an earpiece!?

You should know that this whole ordeal was found out and brought to light by James Woods himself, when he posted THIS to twitter:

You can bet that he ruined Hillary’s day for sure with just this one word…. “Earpiece.”

That’s not all he had to say about it either:

“She literally can’t help herself. She’s the kind of sociopath who will lie even if the truth were more beneficial.”

YIKES! The man nailed it right there. Hillary cannot be trusted and all the evidence that suggests that she can’t be is everywhere! She has made a career of lying and not caring who it hurts, and that is an attribute FAR from what should be present in a President of the United States. Or bad things…really bad things will happen!

I mean, we have a living example already with President Obama!!

Now of course, there are a few from the left that are trying to spin the story and make it about it being something to help with hearing…or whatever.

Fools! That’s WORSE! That opens up a whole other can of worms leading back to the the most recent controversy surrounding Hillary and her failing health!

No matter what way you look at it… Hillary has some explaining to do!

We cannot afford.. no, this nation cannot afford.. wait, no… this entire WORLD cannot afford for us to vote another incompetent President into the White House. It just can’t!

I was talking to a friend from Australia the other day. He said everyone is pissed at America. They are cheering us on, because they need us to be ‘WINNING’ for the sake of the world…but they are pissed at how stupid we are being.

My friends…something has to change.

November is approaching. What will you do to make a difference?

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