Look How Obama Changed The Citizen’s Oath – It’s Ridiculous

Look How Obama Changed The Citizen’s Oath – It’s Ridiculous

Forget having to pledge that you will fight for America when you become a United States citizens. Those days are gone thanks to Pres. Barack Obama.

In maybe the most transformation-y  step for Obama yet, he has changed the way US citizens will pledge their oath to the country. And that no longer includes having to fight and died for America.


As reported by the Washington Examiner, “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on Tuesday said it will no longer require incoming U.S. citizens to pledge that they will “bear arms on behalf of the United States” or “perform noncombatant service” in the Armed Forces as part of the naturalization process. Those lines are in the Oath of Allegiance that people recite as they become U.S. citizens.

But USCIS said people “may” be able to exclude those phrases for reasons related to religion or if they have a conscientious objection. USCIS said people with certain religious training or with a “deeply held moral or ethical code” may not have to say the phrases as they are naturalized. The agency said people don’t have to belong to a specific church or religion to use this exemption, and may attest to U.S. officials administering the oath that they have these beliefs.”

However, the question is: Obama’s for religious liberty when it means being able to exclude fighting for your country?

Since when has this president been on the side of allowing individuals with a “deeply held religious belief” the right to do as they please? And what religion, that does not allow an individual to fight for their nation, is Obama even referring to here?

John Binder

John Binder is a news and political blogger for Right Wing News. Additionally, he is a New Orleans political reporter for TheHayride.com and a news blogger for ProgressivesToday.com.

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