Los Angeles Times Suppresses Video of Obama Praising Rashid Khalidi

The Los Angeles Times refuses to release video of a guy who may be elected President in a few days praising Rashid Khalidi, former official mouthpiece of the terrorist PLO.

Among those who don’t rely on the MSM, it’s already known that Khalidi and Obama have long been good friends, and that Obama has funneled money in his direction. However, making this video public would let a wider group know who and what they might be voting for Tuesday, so La Times apparently considers it better left unseen.

Khalidi directed the official Palestinian press agency WAFA during the heyday of PLO terrorism. If possible, he has become even more radicalized: now he teaches on the Middle East faculty at Columbia, which makes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad look like Bebe Netanyahu. Like other radicals, he is fond of accusing Israel of running an “apartheid system.” This should give Jews a hint as to where our foreign policy would go under President Obamination.

On the tape, Obama refers to the intimate dinners he had with Khalidi and his wife Mona, as the terrorist propagandist was leaving Chicago for Columbia:

It’s for that reason that I’m hoping that, for many years to come, we continue that conversation — a conversation that is necessary not just around Mona and Rashid’s dinner table … [but around] this entire world.

Homegrown terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn — who launched Obama’s political career from their home — were reportedly in attendance — another reason for La Times to sit on the tape.

By the way, La Times has officially endorsed Obama for President. No word on whether it favors Khalidi or Osama bin Laden for Secretary of State.

McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb comments:

A major news organization is intentionally suppressing information that could provide a clearer link between Barack Obama and Rashid Khalidi. … The election is one week away, and it’s unfortunate that the press so obviously favors Barack Obama that this campaign must publicly request that the Los Angeles Times do its job — make information public.

La Times says it won’t release the video because it promised the source it wouldn’t. Keeping promises is noble, but it would be more noble still not to make promises that conflict with professional obligations. Imagine any MSM outlet agreeing to suppress video of McCain toasting Timothy McVeigh.

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