Obama: Blackmail Your Grandparents into Voting for Me

In the video below, there are several kids who are apparently teaching the viewer how to talk to their parents, aunts or uncles and grandparents about the importance of voting. One of the people in the video says that he told his grandmother that if she voted Obama, “maybe she wouldn’t have to buy me that extra sweater come the Fall.” He advises the viewer to call them a lot, because “they love the attention.” Got that, use the fact that they love you and love hearing from you to manipulate them into voting Obama.

Another great piece of advice is to get the other grandkids to help you gang up on them. He says that really “lowers the defenses.”

Oh, he also says he told his grandparents that if they don’t vote Obama, he’s not helping them with text messaging and Tivo. Screw them and their fancy electronics.

Classy. This is posted here, at Barack Obama’s website.

At the bottom of the page, detailing the topics to cover when you are threatening your family, you find this footer:

Blackmailing your granny…powered by Hope and paid for by Obama.

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