LOSER: Clinton Campaign Is In Full-Blown Panic Over Michigan – Deploys Staffers

LOSER: Clinton Campaign Is In Full-Blown Panic Over Michigan – Deploys Staffers

The Hillary Clinton campaign proclaimed Saturday that their candidate and its top surrogates would position their campaign’s final days in Michigan, which points to signs of fear amid polls that have shown Republican nominee Donald Trump picking up ground in the traditionally blue state.


Former President Bill Clinton headed to Lansing on Sunday to start his last push in speeches to help his wife, while President Barack Obama made his way to Ann Arbor on Monday.

And the Democratic nominee herself will continue on to Michigan herself on Monday in Grand Rapids amid a fierce cross-country attempt to gain a little more ground in the final hours. She has spent only four days in Michigan since July’s Democratic National Convention, a lot less than other battleground states like Florida and North Carolina.

“The numbers there have tightened,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said while being interviewed on Saturday. But he also said the campaign’s strategy is to push forward efforts to gain ground as much as they can in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, none of which feature early voting.

Michigan has for a long time been a huge Democratic stomping ground known as the “blue wall” and has not voted for a Republican candidate since 1988, and Obama won the state in both 2008 and 2012 in a comfy manner with at least 54% of the vote. But polls there have come within striking distance, along with other battleground states in recent days. Clinton is said to have at least a 4-point lead in the state.

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But even with all that, Trump is set to blaze the trail through Sterling Heights, Michigan, on Sunday evening and close out his long and uphill battled campaign with an 11 p.m. Monday evening rally in Grand Rapids.

Republican vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence has taken detours to Michigan each of the last three days and he plans to keep on it for two more times Monday, according to the Trump campaign’s schedule.

Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller had this to say:

“It’s truly remarkable the Clinton campaign is burning their final chip with President Obama by sending him into a state long viewed as deep blue, and this is yet another indication of how strong this movement is boosting Mr. Trump.”

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