Lumberjack Launched into Tree After Attaching Himself To a Trunk That Fell To the Ground [Watch]

After an amateur French lumberjack tethered himself to a sapling as a counterweight, he was catapulted into a tree when the top fell to the ground. If that is confusing to you, we have the video that shows the whole terrible incident.


From The Daily Mail:

Dramatic footage has emerged showing a man being violently catapulted towards a tree in Tarbes, France.

The one-minute clip shows the top of the tree falling to the ground, causing the tethered man to be flung towards it.

The amateur lumberjack had a rope tied around his waist with one end tethered to the sapling, which was supposed to act as a counterweight.

However, the trunk wasn’t quite as secure as the man and his friend had hoped and the outcome could have been even more disastrous when the top of the tree toppled over.

The momentum caused by that fateful moment caused the lumberjack to be aggressively flung forward – directly into the falling branches.

The suffered a broken arm but he is otherwise okay, according to his friend.

Watch the horrifying video below:

Thank goodness everyone involved in this incident is okay. The fact that this unfortunate man suffered only a broken arm is a miracle. If nothing else, this will definitely make sure he is more careful in the future.

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