Mafia Warn ISIS To ‘Stay Out Of New York

Mafia Warn ISIS To ‘Stay Out Of New York

New York mafia boss John Gambino is looking for an opportunity to really put the HURT on ISIS He is DONE with ISIS acting like they own the place and plans to send them swimming with the fishes. HE believes…it will show the world that the NYC Mafia Family is NOT all bad…and in fact, has a good side!


Giovanni Gambino, the son of infamous New York mafia boss John Gambino, has said that New York won’t have to worry about ISIS being a threat, because the mafia will take care of the city.


In an interview with NBC News, Giovanni said that the mafia might play a key role in curbing the spread of global terrorism, explaining how it will give the mafia a chance to show its good side.

I am eager to see if more and more Americans will be deciding on their own…to join the fight against ISIS. If our Country’s leaders won’t engage in measures of safety, will more Americans choose to provide their own?



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