Main Stream Media, Rev. Al Sharpton Ignores Story of Black Chicago-Area Cop Killing a White 95 Yr Old WWll Vet

I’m pretty much on top of the news more than the average person for the work I do on this blog. Yet, I heard not even a peep about this story until a caller spoke about it on Rush Limbaugh’s Open Line Friday show:

CALLER:  Okay, real quick, Rush, there’s a black suburban cop on trial here in the Chicago area for killing a 95-year-old white World War II veteran in a nursing home with a beanbag shotgun, and I’m not seeing Reverend Al around here. I’m not seeing the national press covering this, and the trial is going on as we speak.  Your thoughts?

This morning I googled “black cop kills 95 yr old vet on trial”. Only 536,000 hits popped up which is basically nothing for the internet. This story is being ignored because it doesn’t fit the media template of “White Cop killing an unarmed black guy”. If the racial roles were reversed then Sharpton and the media would be at the scene of the crime the next day with the usual script of gripes, untruths and distortions.

Reuters reports the Chicago-area police officer who fatally shot a 95-year-old World War Two vet with a bean bag gun feared for his life when he confronted the knife-wielding man at a nursing home, the officer’s lawyer told a court on Friday.

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In closing arguments, prosecutors told the court in the Chicago suburb of Markham that Craig Taylor, 44, an officer in the suburb of Park Forest, could have found a more peaceful way to defuse the situation and should be found guilty of reckless conduct in the 2013 death of John Wrana, Jr.

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This reminds me an awful lot of the Kermit Gosnell incident in which a black Philadelphia doctor who performed the most gruesome abortions on hundreds of unborn babies in House of Horrors conditions was absolutely ignored by the media for 1. Libs defend abortions at all costs and 2. The doctor was a Black man.



Samuel Gonzalez

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