Make people WORK for food stamps? New Mexico plan has libs WAILING

Make people WORK for food stamps? New Mexico plan has libs WAILING

Liberals usually just want to give you things, especially when they are paid for by other taxpayers, without expecting you to work for it at all.  It makes you dependent on them and keep voting for them. Well, those same liberals are pretty cross with New Mexico Gov. Martinez right now…


Currently, the rules apply to single, able-bodied food stamp recipients aged 18-50, but would be expanded under the recommendations to include those aged 16 – 60, according to the Journal.

The proposal follows a 21 percent increase in state residents enrolling in the SNAP program in the year that ended in April. With the increase, 20 percent of the state on the food assistance program, the Journal reported.

Republican Gov. Susana Martinez’s administration believes the new requirements will force recipients to get the training and skills needed to take care of themselves.

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You can watch a news clip in the video below. Having to work in order to collect a benefit? Imagine that!

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