Making Fun Of The French Is Always Good For A Laugh

Making Fun Of The French Is Always Good For A Laugh: IMAO put up some imaginary dialogue that made me laugh out loud. The article speculates about what would happen if you polled the French on gun control…

American Polltaker: I wish to ask you some questions about guns.

Frenchman: Ahh! Guns! Do not hurt me, American! Paris is yours!

American: No, I just wanted you to answer a poll about guns.

Frenchman: Well, I hate guns, you stupid American. I’m not some thuggish cowboy wanting to shoot at everything. We French are much more sophisticated. For instance… Ahh! An insect! Save me, American!

American: It’s just a butterfly.

Frenchman: Quick, kill it with your gun! It is your duty, American!

American: It flew off.

Frenchman: Once again my non-violent diplomacy triumphs!”

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