‘Malcolm’ Star Frankie Muniz Reveals Why He Isn’t in the Middle, but Leaning More to the Right These Days

‘Malcolm’ Star Frankie Muniz Reveals Why He Isn’t in the Middle, but Leaning More to the Right These Days

Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz is all grown up and has recently revealed his conservative leanings. According to a report from the IJ Review:


You know him as “Malcolm” or “Agent Cody Banks”, but the American troops know him as a friend.

Former “Malcolm in the Middle” star Frankie Muniz was in Washington, D.C., to help raise money for the Armed Forces Foundation, attend its annual gala, visit the troops in the hospital and do a star-turn on Fox News and WMAL radio.

In Muniz’s interview on WMAL, hosts Larry O’Connor and Brian Wilson asked him about his politics:

Muniz says he was bored in Hollywood and moved to Arizona in 2008. He said he began to read ‘everything I could’ and ended up ‘here,’ based on what ‘I thought made common sense and … what works best for the country.’

Wilson: Is Muniz in the middle or is he to the left or to the right?

Muniz: I’m definitely to the right. I don’t talk about it that often cuz I’m just an actor, you know what I mean? When I hear actors and celebrities, you know, talk about a cause or whatever it might be — they’re just an actor. I don’t know why their opinion matters so much (laughs).

I love Washington, I love politics, I love this country. I want to contribute in any way possible.

And it looks like this won’t be Muniz’s only trip to D.C. The now 29-year-old actor says he’s coming back and has some big plans for the future, though he wouldn’t divulge what they are.

Liberalism is often attractive to the young and the elite who are distanced from the realities of the world because it is an ideology that excuses bad behavior by blurring the lines of morality with moral relativism and is an ideology divorced from an understanding of consequences.

Inversely, it is a sign of maturity for a young person to so readily reject this flimsy ideology in favor of… well… common sense.

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