Man Creates “Shoes that grow” for Children in Impoverished Nations

Man Creates “Shoes that grow” for Children in Impoverished Nations

Often times we forget about the innovators and entrepreneurs that dedicate themselves to simply making the world a better place for the less fortunate. Something as simple as footwear can be a challenge in some corners of the impoverished world, and Kenton Lee has dedicated himself to finding a solution.


Sometimes the most simple invention can be the most effective, and that is definitely the case with this one.

Enter Kenton Lee, the man who has just invented The Shoe That Grows, which are sandals that can adjust their size, allowing poor children to grow up without having to be without footwear.

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The shoe can grow 5 sizes and last over 5 years and are sure to change millions of lives…

The main issue with normal donated shoes is that children quickly outgrow them – and have to then rely on more donations which can sometimes take a while.

This, however, will change that.

A shoe that will fit growing children for five years? Kenton Lee really is about to change the lives of millions of impoverished families… I can’t help but notice his innovative idea is not the result of a government tax, regulation, or mandate. As is typical in the real world, solutions come from individuals with a goal, not bureaucrats with an office.

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