Man fatally crushed baby girl with his foot because he felt ‘used’ by neighbor

Man fatally crushed baby girl with his foot because he felt ‘used’ by neighbor

baby victimIt seems like we’re beginning to raise more and more children to grow up to be psychopaths. Parents with lackadaisical attitudes, no morals, who just plant their kids in front of the TV as a babysitter, are responsible for¬†¬†horror stories like this increasing.

The Daily Mail reports,

A California man, 25, was convicted on Thursday of murdering the one-year-old daughter of his girlfriend’s neighbor by crushing her with his foot.

In August 2013, Daniel Ruiz was asked to watch two children while his girlfriend Terra and her friend Andrew went to go and buy some milk.

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Ruiz, who told police he felt as though the women were taking advantage of him, walked over to one-year-old Scarlett and put pressure on her chest with his large frame.

baby killer‘He then placed his left foot on her chest, applying most of his 230 pounds of weight on her body,’ Kathleen DiDonato, deputy district attorney, in a statement.

‘Scarlett began gasping for breath.’

Ruiz then walked over to TV set and started changing the channels for 2-3 minutes, reports The Sun.

When he turned around he realized that the child was having a seizure. He tapped the baby on the cheek to try and get her to snap out of it but she didn’t.

The baby’s mother and her friend returned 30 to 45 minutes after running their errands. When Ruiz heard the mother Andrea returning he screamed for them to take the baby to the hospital.

The mother, Andrea, was unable to reach 911 and took the baby across the street to a fire station. #

The baby was eventually rushed to a hospital but died a short time later.

This is the price we pay for a society that lets parents do whatever they want without judgment. Ruiz likely learned his behavior somewhere. Until we start having the guts to tell parents there are certain ways you should and shouldn’t raise children, we can expect more of these tragic events.

Rachel Alexander

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