Man Finds Out Girlfriend Is Cheating… So He Does THIS [VIDEO]

Man Finds Out Girlfriend Is Cheating… So He Does THIS [VIDEO]

Here’s a Happy Valentine’s Day…that was anything BUT happy. This man who claims his girlfriend was cheating on him, so he formulated a revenge plan for Valentine’s Day- and it was all caught on video…

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Kyle Boggess, from California, claimed he had found his girlfriend of two weeks on Plenty Of Fish after he created a fake profile to catch her out.

Kyle then filmed a Valentine’s surprise with rose petals and gifts before blindfolding the woman. In the footage he gives her the card, telling her ‘that’s you cheating on me’ as her expression changes.

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In the video, Kyle is seen guiding the woman up the stairs while her eyes are covered, he then tells her she should move the blindfold up so ‘she can see a little bit’.

The room is covered with rose petals and a toy elephant is holding a card which reads ‘Valentine’s Day Sucks’. The boyfriend said: ‘If I can’t spend it with you, it definitely sucks’.

After she takes off the blindfold, he tells her there is still more to come. He said: ‘It’s a big surprise you’re going to love it. You might be a little mad at me about it. I did something bad.’

The blonde woman is laughing along and Kyle tells her to put the blindfold back on so it will be a ‘surprise’.

Kyle explained he made a card for her and told her to remove the blindfold to see a file with A4 paper inside, which Kyle claims were print-outs of her arranging dates on Plenty Of Fish.

Kyle said: ‘That’s you cheating on me, so get the f*** out of my house right now.

‘I’m glad you took the car ride here for an hour for no good reason and this is going on YouTube sweetheart.’

The woman replied she didn’t care and Kyle and his brother, who also filmed her reaction, call her a w**** and b**** repeatedly.

Kyle had created the Plenty Of Fish account himself after growing suspicious.

He claimed when he posted the video on Facebook: ‘My “girlfriend” was being shady. I made a fake Plenty Of Fish account and she told that account she was single, had no luck with guys blah blah blah.’

He claimed she made plans with him over the fake profile.

In another video, filmed by Kyle’s brother, the woman smiled and told him: ‘I don’t really care. It was a two-week relationship.’

Too much effort, and money spent to dump someone… I prefer to just delete them from my memory bank. No last words, just move on like they never existed. Cruel…but much less stressful. Who has time for a cheat? No one.

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