Man Lost $700 Super Bowl Bet With Long Time Friend… Now His Friend is DEAD Because…THIS

Man Lost $700 Super Bowl Bet With Long Time Friend… Now His Friend is DEAD Because…THIS

A friendly bet on the Super Bowl is an expected American pastime. Betting on games can make the games more interesting, but for one incredibly sore loser, his bet turned into a murderous rage and rather than losing $700, he has lost a good friend and the rest of his life.


A man has been found guilty of murdering a longtime friend rather than pay him the $700 he owed him from a Super Bowl bet.

Eddie Roberson, 31, of Newark, New Jersey, was convicted following a two-week trial.

The court heard how he shot his friend, Talif Crowley, 38, six times in a street.

Assistant Prosecutor Adam B. Wells ‘This was a particularly senseless murder of a man who was well liked in the neighborhood,.

‘This defendant killed a friend rather than pay up on a friendly bet. I’m glad the jury saw it for what it was.’

The court heard how Roberson and Crowley had bet against each other on the February 3 2013 Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

Roberson back the 49ers but the Ravens won 34-31 in a tense game, during which there was a 34-minute power outage.

Roberson refused to pay up, believing his team had been ‘cheated’.

Two days later he confronted Crowley in a street in Newark as the victim was making his way to his mother’s home.

Roberson shot his longtime friend several times, killing him. He will be sentenced to up to life in prison on January 22.

The court also found Roberson guilty of weapons offenses. He has three prior felony convictions for drugs, guns and eluding, according to

None of us like to lose a bet and even when we engage in such wagers willingly, it can sting and bring out the irrational side of our personalities. I lived, for a time, in Las Vegas and made a sizeable sum overall from sojourns to the Blackjack tables.

On the occasions where I had a rough day at the tables, however, I refrained from blaming any others. I had placed the bet and to pay my wager and move on was the only thing to do.

In short, one need not be happy about his lost wager, but it is a sore loser who takes it out on others and it is an absolute scumbag who would kill a friend over a measly $700.

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