Man Murders His Roommate, Stuffs Him In Suitcase, Then Hosts A BBQ…

Man Murders His Roommate, Stuffs Him In Suitcase, Then Hosts A BBQ…

Keith Allen White, 50, of Sierra Vista, Arizona, was arrested for second degree murder last Monday. Apparently he had got into an argument with his roommate, Brian Cook. The argument escalated to violence, ending with White strangling Cook to death.


Police say that White then stuffed Cooks body in a suitcase, put it in a closet, then proceeded to get ready for a barbecue that he was hosting just two hours later.

Real classy.

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The body remained in the suitcase throughout the get-together, but Cook missing from the barbecue didn’t seem to feel right to one of the attendees…probably because that attendee was Cook’s relative, according to Stg. Sean Brownson:

‘The relative came over for the barbecue, not knowing where (Cook) was. The whole time, he was dead in the closet with the door closed,’

White made his court appearance, but of course was not granted bail. No attorney for white could be contacted as of yet to answer any questions about the allegations against him.

The strange part is that White had confessed to the relative of Cook, the one that was attending the barbecue. But that person didn’t contact the police until White was asleep. I wonder how that conversation went…

When the officers arrived at the scene, White apparently had the ‘windows down and a fan blowing the odor of human decomposition out of the apartment,’ according to Sgt. Brownson

Brownson, who interrogated White, said White spoke openly about the killing:

‘He kept calling it a “faux pas”.’

Officers reported seeing blood trails leading from the closet into the living room and the suitcase was seen next to the front door. Apparently White had been in the middle of trying to dispose of the body, right when the police arrived.

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