Man raped & shaved his victim’s head before cutting tendons in her feet to stop her escape from BRUTAL three-day torture

Man raped & shaved his victim’s head before cutting tendons in her feet to stop her escape from BRUTAL three-day torture

Jealous man is outraged when he learns via Facebook that his ex-girlfriend will be moving in with her new boyfriend. Motivated by his possesive rage he commits this HEINOUS act against the Mother of his own 2 children!


A jealous ex-boyfriend has been found guilty of repeatedly raping his former partner during a three-day torture session – while her two-year-old daughter was in the next room.

Alex Anselmo, 31, forced his way into the woman’s home in Brooklyn, New York, before punching her and handcuffing her to her bed, the court heard.

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He raped and sodomized her up to four times a day for the next three days – as well as beating her with a dumbbell and an extension cord and threatening her with a gun.

Anselmo – who is the father of two of the woman’s children – also cut his victim’s feet, severing a tendon so she could not escape, NBC New York reported.

He shaved her head with clippers and stuffed a sock in her mouth so she could not scream.

On Wednesday Anselmo was convicted at Brooklyn Supreme Court of 17 charges, including first-degree kidnapping, first-degree rape, first-degree burglary and aggravated criminal contempt.

The court was told that the former couple split up in the spring of 2012 but Anselmo, who is from Clinton Hill, became increasingly obsessive about his ex.

He subjected her to the horrific three-day ordeal in April 2013 after discovering via Facebook that she was planning to move to Florida to be with her new boyfriend.

Police found the woman with more than 50 separate injuries after a neighbor heard the cock of a gun and dialed 911. Officers later found a revolver in the apartment.

Prosecutors say the woman’s two-year-old daughter was forced to stay in the living room through most of her mother’s captivity.

The district attorney said Anselmo took a picture of one of his victim’s stab wounds, which was later recovered after he deleted it from his phone.

He had also searched online for how many Xanax pills it takes to kill someone and how to sterilize a woman.

According to the New York Daily News, the woman testified at the trial, saying: ‘I was very scared and did not want him to do anything worse to me and my daughter … I did what he said.’

Anselmo’s sentencing hearing will he heard next month – when he could be jailed for life.

This man is a monster, and for the saftey of society, needs to be locked up. The sheer malicious capacity he had to commit such a horrific crime against another human and child is terrifying!

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