Man Is Recorded Running NAKED Through The Streets After Being Kicked Out By Lover! – VIDEO

Man Is Recorded Running NAKED Through The Streets After Being Kicked Out By Lover! – VIDEO

The walk of shame can affect all genders and all people from all walks of life, and it is seldom an enjoyable experience… Okay, it is never an enjoyable experience – but for this man who was somehow thrown out of his home by his lover and forced to navigate the icy streets of Russia, it goes a bit beyond the walk of shame… Because in this particular instance, the man is completely naked.


A hilarious and at the same time awkward video reveals the man got something of a cold response from his lover, who threw him out on the streets with no clothes on, in freezing temperatures. As you see the man walking down the street naked and struggling to cover himself up with his hands, police pulled over out of pure mercy to save the man, allowing him to warm his bare butt naked self in the back seat of their car.

A cell phone recording reveals the man shivering, braving the stunned onlookers in the central Russian city of Irkutsk. The mobile phone footage was shot by entertained officers passing by and the man can be heard saying:

‘Help me, please! My girlfriend took all of my clothes and I can’t feel my legs.’

The policeman responds to the naked man: ‘Get in and you will get warm.’

The man got in and explained that the girl he was with got cold feet when they were having ‘relations’.

He told officers:

‘I was having fun with a girl who lives in a nearby hostel. We were having sex, then something happened to her. Suddenly she became scared, then someone started knocking on the door and that was it.’

It isn’t certain if this video is real or not, but I doubt the Russian police ever really participate in pranks… It’s Russia for Helen’s sake!

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