Man Says ‘Siri’ Made The Call That Saved His Life

Man Says ‘Siri’ Made The Call That Saved His Life

I find that “Siri,” the iPhone’s automated secretary, can save some valuable time. However, one man claims that Siri did not merely save time, but saved his life.


A Middle Tennessee teen is alive, thanks to Siri.

Eighteen-year-old Sam Ray says the voice recognition service on his iPhone — famously named Siri — called emergency dispatchers after his truck fell on him while he tried to make repairs.

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Ray tells media outlets that a jack collapsed, pinning him under nearly 5,000 pounds of metal in a location where he couldn’t be easily seen or heard. He says he was trying to get free when he heard Siri activate.

He says: “I said ‘Call 911,’ and that was all it said.”

Rutherford County dispatcher Christina Lee says she first thought it was a mistaken pocket-dial, but then she heard his screams for help and sent crews, who rescued him.

Ray and Lee met Friday for the first time after the July 2 incident.

It’s good to know that Siri can understand a call for help and act accordingly. iPhone users should remember that.

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