Man STEALS From Woman’s Wrecked Car While She’s Trapped Inside After Claiming He Was There To Help

Man STEALS From Woman’s Wrecked Car While She’s Trapped Inside After Claiming He Was There To Help

It takes a special kind of scumbag to rob a woman while she’s trapped in an upturned, wrecked car. But, apparently, such a scumbag exists:


A man who had stopped to apparently help a woman who was involved in a rollover in North Texas allegedly robbed the woman before driving away.

Joshua Smith shared a post on Facebook revealing that his sister, Kimberly Smith, had been involved in a rollover early Sunday morning in Irving. He said the car rolled three times.

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He claims that a ‘tall, skinny black male in his 30s’ approached his sister, who was trapped upside down in her car, claiming he was going to help her.

‘(He) even found her purse and brought it over to her,’ Joshua Smith wrote in the now-viral Facebook post. ‘She was still dazed and confused from the accident and he said he was gonna go get his cell to call 911.’

But instead, the man apparently got into his car, with Kimberly Smith’s wallet in hand, and drove off.

‘She begged him to just stay with her,’ Joshua Smith wrote. ‘He said “don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere”. He gets in the truck and takes off. With her wallet. All her credit cards. Id’s. Everything. And all this happened after she was trapped upside down and NOBODY stopped to help her.’

A commenter on Joshua Smith’s post said a Good Samaritan pulled over after the incident and called 911. The person stayed with Kimberly Smith until police arrived.

Kimberly Smith was eventually saved from the smashed vehicle and taken to a local hospital for treatment, but the unidentified man has not been located, according to My San Antonio.

Joshua Smith asked the public in his Facebook post to help find the man.

‘If anybody has a “friend” that is bragging about robbing some girl after she flipped her car this morning, please be a real friend and let us know,’ he wrote.

He added: ‘I hope this guy who stopped to “help” and everyone that did not stop at all, is not a majority in our society today,’ he wrote. ‘We are better people than that. Everyone please share this and maybe we can find this loser.’

Hopefully, somebody turns-in this sack of human excrement.

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