Manager Of Christmas Music Playing Restaurant Receives Note From Customer, Saying Christmas Music Is ‘Offensive’

Manager Of Christmas Music Playing Restaurant Receives Note From Customer, Saying Christmas Music Is ‘Offensive’

A chef was incensed when a customer wrote a note on the back of a receipt calling the Christmas music inside the Florida restaurant ‘offensive’ to them. Turns out these people just weren’t in the Christmas mood.


Michael Lugo, who works at Michael’s Tasting Room in St. Augustine, Florida, shared with his online following what the note entailed, which read: ‘Christmas music was offensive. Consider playing “holiday” music or less religious themed.’

Lugo posted a photo of the handwritten note on his Facebook page and disagreed with the customer’s unfavorable judgment, saying Christmas was a celebration of family. Lugo has a two pronged role at the restaurant, serving as both chef and manager. It was one of his servers who brought him the note.

‘It’s all about celebration of family and gathering with friends and people and it’s a tradition. It’s not about a religion it’s not about anything else. I am a Christian but I don’t push that as my agenda. I think that Christmas is Christmas,’ Lugo shared with local media.


Lugo shared it was actually the second time in the same week he got a complaint about the holiday music.

He wrote: ‘We will continue to be us, it’s worked well for ten years, but it is sad that two times in one week basic Christmas music has angered our patrons… Is this what we’ve become in America?’

There was plenty of folks online that agreed with Lugo.

Bethany Walter shared: ‘That’s crazy! Were they also offended by the Christmas lights decorating the city?’

Joe Saviak gave his two cents: ‘We are a pluralistic nation and a free society – part of the deal of life in America is we see, hear, and experience all kinds of different speech, art, culture, etc. It’s not fatal to hear something with which you may not personally agree – it’s tolerable – in fact, we can respect it, find value in it, and even enjoy it.’

Julie Wesling had a different take on the writing: ‘Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Most who don’t seem happy to support those who do. But sometimes the ever presence of music, ads, displays, etc. is overwhelming. Maybe this person is really hurting because they lost a loved one during Christmastime. Maybe they were having a really hard day. I don’t think they should be condemned to hell for making a suggestion! I think Jesus would have compassion.’

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