Mandela Opens His Mouth And Inserts His Foot — Again

Mandela Opens His Mouth And Inserts His Foot — Again: Idiotarian Nelson Mandela has delivered another one of his hysterical & incoherent rants…

“if there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.”

Notice, he’s not talking about the Bush administration there…it’s America itself that’s eeeevvvviiiilllll. After establishing his anti-American credentials early, Mandela goes on….

“Mandela said U.S. President George W. Bush covets the oil in Iraq “because Iraq produces 64 percent of the oil in the world. What Bush wants is to get hold of that oil.”

As CNN points out, Iraq actually only supplies 5% of the world’s oil and last time I looked, Iraq supplies roughly 2% of the total oil that the US uses in a year. I guess Mandela didn’t have a lot of time to study up on statistics since he was too busy giving speeches, begging for aid, and watching his country go down the tubes.

“Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are “undermining” past work of the United Nations. “They do not care. Is it because the secretary-general of the United Nations is now a black man?”

I bet Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton must be kicking themselves right now for not already playing this angle. I can just hear Jackson now…

“After the Trent Lott affair, are the neo-confederates in the Bush administration going to allow the figurative lynching of the peace process because it’s led by a black man like Kofi Annan? Bush wants to attack Iraq, but instead he should just list-en to the UN!”

Bit I digress…let’s get back to Mandela’s ramblings…

“(O)ne power with a president who has no foresight, who cannot think properly, is now wanting to plunge the world into a holocaust.”

So Bush is about, “to plunge the world into a holocaust” by invading Iraq. Got that? However, according to the article….

“Mandela said he would support without reservation any action agreed upon by the United Nations against Iraq…”

So by that, I take it that Mandela would support “plung(ing) the world into a holocaust” as long as the UN approves =D And Bush is the one “who cannot think properly.”

There’s only one thing you can do with a clueless former head of state like Mandela….give him another Nobel Peace Prize! He’d make a fine follow-up to Jimmy Carter…

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